2023年05月23日 (火)

【deadman × MUCC】22年ぶりとなるツーマンライヴ開催

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deadmanMUCCが、728()Spotify O-EASTにてツーマンライヴdeadman x MUCC 『産声』を開催することが発表された。



一方のdeadman2019年の電撃再結成以来、昨年初頭と本年春には東名阪クアトロワンマンツアーを行い、3月には現在のサポートメンバーを加えた形でのアルバム「dead reminiscence」をリリースするなど、精力的に活動を続けている。そんな中発表されたこのツーマン企画。


昨年末の日本武道館で行われた「V系って知ってる?」のステージでもdeadmanMUCCのミヤが同じステージで演奏するなどの交流は記憶に新しいが、2バンドがこのような“対バン“形式のライヴを行うのは20015月に行われたdeadmanのツアー「subliminal show」以来約22年ぶりとのこと。










各バンドFC先行 最速チケット先行受付(抽選)は現在受付中で、529()までの受付となっているので、早めのチケット確保を心がけよう。





[deadman x MUCC] First two-man show in 22 years

It has been announced that deadman and MUCC will hold a two-man show, deadman x MUCC “Ubugoe” at Spotify O-EAST on Friday, July 28.


MUCC will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022, and is currently holding a live tour “Timeless” as part of its “25th Anniversary Year,” which recreates past works, with a solo show at the International Forum as the grand finale scheduled for December 28.

On the other hand, deadman has also been working energetically since their electrifying reunion in 2019, with one-man tours in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka Quattro at the beginning of last year and this spring, and the release of their album “dead reminiscence” in March with the current supporting members. This two-man project was announced under such circumstances.


The “Do you know what V-kei is? It has been 22 years since deadman’s “subliminal show” tour in May 2001, and it will be the first time that the two bands will be performing in such a “face-off” format. It has been about 22 years since deadman’s “subliminal show” tour in May 2001.

It is sure to be a memorable night that looks back on the history of the two bands.


The release of a split single by the two bands was also announced.

This one will contain one new song each on the theme of “Ubugoe”.

The title of deadman’s song will be “Neko to Blanket, Yorisoi Meguriau Ubugoe” while the title of MUCC’s song will be “Shi no Ubugoe”.

Details of the CDs will be announced at a later date, but they will be sold in advance at the venue and will be mail-ordered at a later date.


The CD will be available for pre-sale at the venue and will also be mail-ordered at a later date.


The fastest ticket advance registration (by lottery) for each band’s FC is now open and will be available until May 29 (Mon.), so be sure to secure your tickets as soon as possible







deadman×MUCC ツーマンライヴ情報≫



728日(金)Spotify O-EAST 

開場17:30 開演18:30



【チケット料金】 前売 8,000  (税込) スタンディング ※入場時ドリンク代別途必要 ※営利目的の転売禁止、未就学児入場不可


 deadman FC FUZ会員/「朱ゥノ吐+」SWAMP会員 先行予約 523()22:00529()21:00

 deadman FC FUZ会員 2次/「朱ゥノ吐+」会員・「虚無僧DU MODE 会員先行予約  530()12:0065()21:00

 イープラスプレオーダー  受付期間:66()12:00612()21:00














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